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# Name Level Vocation
Adc Melee 10825 Nutella Paladin
Aska 5216 Royal Paladin
Cannabis Fanatic 7360 Royal Paladin
Chapuletei 10959 Nutella Druid
Clakibum 10777 Nutella Sorcerer
Detor 10728 Nutella Knight
Dylandofus 3029 Paladin
Elite Knight 7145 Elite Knight
Koalla Tortura 2776 Druid
Mind Archer 9242 Nutella Paladin
Molina 1696 Royal Paladin
Nyu Lootmax 8152 Elite Knight
Pewpew 10913 Nutella Knight
Sage Duelista 11249 Nutella Druid
Sashra 10602 Nutella Paladin
Show Some Respect 11208 Nutella Sorcerer
Teste 10765 Royal Paladin
Trembolona Returns 7770 Royal Paladin
Txyz 6530 Elite Knight
Yellow Devas 11026 Nutella Druid
Zika 10747 Nutella Paladin

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